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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for Tandem and AFF you will get a pair of goggles which protect your eyes in freefall.

If you do the static line course and subsequent jumps then pre-arrange with Manifest or the Equipment Officer to get a pair of goggles to jump with.

Yes, no problem. A larger, over-the-glasses goggle is available for freefall jumps.

For static line you could also use these goggles or simply tie a retaining strap or elastic to the glasses.

You’re going to have fun so in order to do so, be comfortable. A comfortable pair of running shoes is recommended and protective clothing if you’re doing static line i.e. jeans and a sweater like a rugby jersey. Try to stay away from a sweater that has pockets in the hips as this may hinder you if you have to do emergency procedures.

If you do AFF you’ll be given a jumpsuit to use so the shoes are the most important for you to bring with. Tandem can be done in a t-shirt and shorts if you wish but remember that it may be cold at altitude in an aircraft without a door.

Afternoon thunderstorms are a common occurrence so don’t forget to bring something warm/waterproof for after the jump.
Don’t forget the sunscreen – it can get very hot at a drop zone.

All students doing AFF or Static Line are required to wear a hard helmet which will be issued to you with your parachute.

Check out the the clubs pages for pricing

Check out the clubs pages for pricing.
Currency is a very important safety factor in our sport and therefore it is important to jump as often as possible to remain current. Please check the safety & training section for currency requirements for detailed information.

Excellent training by professional instructors. PASA (Parachuting Association of South Africa) membership until you qualify for an A license, which could be after 25 jumps, if you pass all your skydives.

You must be at least 16 years old. Persons younger than 21 years, will require written and signed consent from their legal guardian. Tandem skydivers can be younger than 18. Written consent will also be required.

Static line jumpers exit the aircraft at an altitude of 3500ft AGL (Above Ground Level).

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Adventure Awaits

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving is a first class way for you to experience the thrill of Freefall and the serenity of a four-minute parachute ride with a minimum of training.


Minimum Weight of 35kg ( 1.2m Tall ) – Maximum of 100Kg.


A minimum age to go skydiving is 12 years old. If you're aged between 12 and 18, you'll need the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian.

All Year

This is weather dependent on the day.

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FAQ's Continued

AFF students jump from 10 000ft AGL. The freefall will last for about 30 seconds.

AFF students jump from 10 000ft AGL. The freefall will last for about 30 seconds.

The duration of the course depends on the size of the class, but the average is around 6 hours.

Yes. You will learn everything you need to, in order to perform a safe skydive. You will not learn everything about skydiving. This comes with actually skydiving, and spending time at the drop zone.

Approximately 3 minutes. AFF students will take slightly longer.

You will need to do a minimum of 8 static line jumps before you can progress to freefall. Obviously AFF students do freefall from their very first skydive.
How long will the freefall be on a tandem skydive?

While you are a student, at least once a month, but it is better to jump more frequently, to maintain your currency. The more you skydive, the quicker you will learn, and become more confident.

None. Clubs provide all the equipment you will need while you are a student. Once you progress off student status, you will need to consider buying your own equipment.

You can buy good used equipment for around R 50 000.00. That includes a harness, a main parachute, and a reserve parachute. New Gear will cost between R 100 000.00 & R 150 000.00. A skydiving helmet will cost you around R 8 550.00. An altimeter costs around R 5 950.00 A jumpsuit can cost anything from R 3 800.00, depending on the type.